Jesus Teaches Bullying Others is Not Being Cool:

Bullying is not something new just happening in our time. We can learn a lot from the Bible about bullying. Jesus tells us in everything we should do to others what we would have them do unto us.
Matthew 7:12

Today we are seeing more and more children being bullied in all levels of school. Bullies try to threaten, intimidate, and control people who are weaker than they are. This can be in the form of punching, hitting or even kicking. This can also be an emotional bullying which is the most common form. This can include belittling others, insulting others, ridiculing others and any form of name-calling.
Bullying is different than running into someone, pushing or even arguments that every child experiences. Bullying is when you are teased, hurt in some way either physically or emotionally, any kind of means that happens every day. Day after day that turns into weeks after week that turns into more and more harm done to the person being bullied.
Bullying is not just an accident; it is when another person intentionally hurts another person on purpose over and over again. Bullying is just plain WRONG! This can be done by classmates, neighbors and even brothers or sisters.
There are Biblical accounts of bullying. Genesis 6:1-7 tells us there were giants in the earth in the time of Noah and they had children that were mighty men. These children of the giants became wicked and caused evil continually. This grieved the heart of the LORD.
The LORD said he would destroy man, beast, and the creeping things, and the fowls of the air. We know the story of Noah finding grace in the eyes of the LORD and how Noah and his family were saved from the wrath of the LORD.
We also know about Goliath who was 9 feet 3 inches and a Philistine who threatened all the army of Israel led by King Saul. Everyone was afraid of Goliath. (1 Samuel 17:1 -57). He certainly could be considered a bully. The ending of this bullying was that David knew that LORD would deliver him out of the hands of the Philistine Goliath. And He did.
It is important to say that no one deserves to be bullied by anyone. No one has the right to make another person feel scared, helpless or alone. Bullies, like the giants and Goliath, look for people that will make them feel important, strong and superior.
Bullies do this by finding people who they think are weak and different. Bullies pick on people who are small, shy or scared of them. It makes them feel bigger, stronger and more intelligent than those around them. It appears that being aggressive, intimidating and laughing at people comes easy to them.
Bullies hurt people and that makes the LORD very upset. In the time of Noah the LORD destroyed the earth, with Goliath the LORD allowed a small boy, David, to kill him. Jesus taught us in everything we should do to others what you would have them do to you. (Matthew 7:12). Bullies should stop and think if this is the way he would like to be treated.

What This Story Teaches Us:

Bullying may begin in childhood, but it continues into adulthood. Bullying may happen by boys or girls. Bullying becomes a bad habit that is hard to break. Two things a bully should know; 1. There is always someone bigger and more bad than they are and 2. Bullies make the LORD God very unhappy.
Aggressive behavior can be related to home environment. They are expected to always win, be better than everyone else. Their parents may be aggressive so they may be trying to be like their parents. They may even be influenced by television. They may be trying to be just like their television hero.
These are not good reasons to bully or are it a good way to treat other people. There are things that kids can do to help stop bullying. Bullies do not pick on people who stand up for themselves. If you are being bullied then you need to stand up tall and proud. You belong to Jesus Christ go to him in prayer and ask for strength to stand up to these bullies. Then the next time you are confronted or laughed at you stand tall and say in your loudest voice; “You have no right to do what you are doing and I want you to stop right now, it is wrong to bully people.” Then stay out of their way and try to always be with other people who are your friends. Not talk to them and acting like they are not important by keep on walking will go a long way. Remember to be of good courage.
If everyone would obey Mathew 7:12 treat others the way you would like to be treated then there would be no more bullying. If you know someone who is being bullied then stand up for them. If the person is being hurt by a bully then it is important to tell an adult what is happening.

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