Women of Christ

The Christmas Pageant

I grew up in a gentler, more innocent time. The fifties was a time when America was just coming out of war and family life was settling down. There was an appreciation for togetherness that only living through war can invoke. A time when children were loved and nurtured, but most of all allowed to be children, not little adults. Christmas was an exciting time of year for the whole family. Shop win ...[Read More]

What the Covenant of Circumcision Means to Christians:

Circumcision was part of the ceremonial law that the LORD God gave to the children of Israel. It was through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ that made atonement for our sins; this made the ceremonial law obsolete.  Genesis 17:10 – 27; Galatians 3:26-29 Genesis 17:10 is the first to speak about the Covenant of Circumcision.: “This is My covenant which you shall keep, between Me and ...[Read More]

Zipporah wife of Moses:

Zipporah was the daughter of a priest from Midian. She was an obedient daughter who went out daily to tend her father’s flock in spite of being bullied by other shepherd’s in the area. She was one of seven daughters. She was a faithful wife and mother of an outsider. She was supportive of her husband and willingly stepped aside so Moses could fulfill his calling from the LORD God.  Exodus 2:16-22: ...[Read More]

The Ancient Egyptian Culture vs Israel Culture in Bible Times:

This look at the ancient Egyptian culture and Israel culture are seen through the eyes of Joseph and Moses who had both fled from the Egyptian. The story of Joseph and Moses sheds light on the treatment of slaves, interpretation of dreams, Egyptian buried their dead by embalming, child birth and education. Genesis 37:28- Exodus 13:1-14  The sophistication and influence of the Egyptians was admired ...[Read More]

The Wife of Potiphar:

The wife of Potiphar is a woman we should not try to emulate. The wife of Potiphar showed bitterness, envying and strife in her heart and then lied against the truth. She was married to Potiphar who was an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, and an Egyptian. She was probably also Egyptian with social position. Her selfishness caused her to be full of lust, and to lie against an innocent man. ...[Read More]

The Psychological Condition of Depression:

This paper concentrates on the condition of depression which is a deep level of emotional turmoil and can affect many people in different ways. Depression affects individual’s families, the work place and anyone that is in regular contact with the depressed person. The cause can be a variety of factor including stress, fear, loneliness, guilt even anger. Many Biblical people suffered from depressi ...[Read More]

The Widow of Zarephath:

The Widow of Zarephath helps us to better understand that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. This woman didn’t know that the LORD is a loving LORD. Because of the reviving of her son she knew that Elijah was a man of the LORD God, and that the word of the LORD in his mouth is truth. 1 Kings 17:9–24, Luke 4:25-26 The Widow of Zarephath is a picture of faith. We know a lot about the Widow of Za ...[Read More]

Victims of Rape Can Heal:

Rape is an act of violence and an evil that is against the law and love of the LORD God. We need to understand that the LOD God does not hide this evil and we are expected to confront it and respond to it out of a Christ like love. The rape victim needs understanding and compassion to help this person to heal. There is no love like the love of Jesus who can help in this healing process.  Rape is a ...[Read More]

Tamar the Daughter of King David:

The daughter of King David who is described as being fair also meaning she was beautiful. Tamar was of good moral character. She was obedient to her father, the King. She was wise and tried to counsel Amnon that what he had demanded was immoral and would only bring harm to everyone involved. Tamar was the victim of the rape by her half-brother. 2 Samuel 13 Tamar was the only named daughter of King ...[Read More]

What it means to be a Christian leader:

Deborah the Chief Prophetess of Israel is a fantastic example of what it means to be a Christian leader. The respect and leadership quality can help us better understand and enhances the characteristic of Deborah as a leader and as a woman. She teaches us what it truly means to be a powerful moral Godly leader.  It was Deborah who taught us a Christian leader led the people of the LORD God in time ...[Read More]