Jacob Returns Home:

Sometimes it is hard to wait for things you want. Because Jacob waited for his was blessings by the LORD he gained love, children, and livestock. He had a great amount of possessions because he listened, trusted and obeyed the LORD. Genesis 30: 25- 55

It was after the birth of Joseph by Rachel when Jacob said to his father in law, Laban that it was time for him to go back to his own country. Jacob wanted to take his wives and his children. Jacob reminded Laban that he had worked for this two wives, he had increased his livestock. The LORD God had blessed him since he came to live with him.

Jacob went through the flock and removed all the speckled and spotted cattle and all the brown cattle among the sheep, and the spotted and speckled among the goats, and brown among the sheep. Laban agreed. One day while Laban was busy shearing sheep, Jacob and his wives and sons and camels left without telling Laban good bye. Jacob made it over the river and was going toward the mount Gilead.

Three days later Laban found out. He hurriedly left with some of his servants to try to catch up with Jacob. Laban was angry with Jacob for leaving but the LORD God told Laban not to hurt Jacob. It took him seven days journey to overtake him.

When Laban finally caught up with Jacob and Laban asked what Jacob had done, that he has stolen away his daughters in secret he didn’t even have time to kiss his daughter or his grandson’s good bye. Laban ask why he had not given him time to give them all a party before they left and why had he stolen his idols?

Jacob answered Laban that they left in secret because he was afraid that Laban would force his daughter to stay with him. Jacob was angry and reminded Laban that he had worked for him for 20 years. Fourteen of those years he labored to marry his daughters and six more years to raise his sheep. Laban even cut Jacobs wages ten times. If it wasn’t for the LORD God then Jacob would not have had one thing. Everything he has he has worked for. Jacob was not aware that Rachel had stolen them.

Laban went into Jacob’s tent, Leah’s tent, and the two maidservant’s tent and found nothing. Then he went into Rachel’s tent. Rachel had taken the images, and put them in the camel’s furniture then she sat upon them. Laban searched the entire tent, but found nothing.

That day Laban and Jacob made a covenant with each other. A covenant is a pledge or an alliance that was man to man. Jacob took a stone and set it up for a pillar and Jacob gather stones, and they took stones and they ate together.

Both men made an oath before the LORD God and they agreed to never cross over to each other’s territory. The next morning Laban kissed his daughters and grandchildren good bye and blessed them. Then Laban returned to his home.

What This Story Tells Us?

Jacob worked hard for what he wanted. He wanted to marry Rachel and had made a deal to work for seven years. Then his father in law tricked him and he married Leah instead. Jacob worked another seven years and married Rachel who he wanted to marry in the first place. Jacob listened to the LORD God when He said it was time to leave. He didn’t leave until the LORD’s timing was right.

Jacob trusted in the LORD and listened to Him and Jacob had twelve sons and one daughter by his wives, which also includes the maidservants. Sons were very important in Jacob’s days because the sons would work with their fathers and carry on the family name. Had Jacob trusted his wanting’s and only married Rachael then he would have only had two sons. Listening to the LORD he ended up with twelve sons.

Sometimes it is hard to wait. Because Jacob waited he was blessed by the LORD by gaining love, children, and livestock. He had a great amount of possessions because he listened, trusted and obeyed the LORD.

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