Isaac and Rebekah:

The story of Isaac and Rebekah teaches children that the LORD God has a plan for each of us. He wants to give us what we need and He wants us to ask Him for it. We need to trust and to do the Will of the Father. Genesis 24

When Isaac grew up to become a man Abraham called his oldest servant, and made him promise that Isaac would not take a wife from the women of the Canaanites. He wanted the servant to go to the country of his youth and find a wife for Isaac. Abraham didn’t want his son to marry a Canaanite because they worshipped idols and they might lead Isaac away from the true LORD God. Abraham wanted his servant to go to Abraham’s brother Nahor and find a wife for Isaac.

The servant wanted Isaac to go with him in case the girl would not want to leave her home. But Abraham reminded his servant that the LORD God had him leave his land and promised this land to him and his sons. If the girl will not leave her home then the servant was to come back without her.
The servant promised to follow Abrahamís instructions. Off he went with ten camels and all the goods of his master were in his hand. The servant arose and went to Mesopotamia, into the city of Nahor.
Traveling for many days the servant finally came to the right village. He made the camels kneel down by the well of water. The servant prayed to the LORD God that the woman whom He intended to marry Isaac would draw a pitcher of water that the servant might drink and she would give his camels drink also. This would show an act of kindness.
Rebekah came to the well with her pitcher upon her shoulder. She was the daughter of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, the brother of Abraham. Rebekah was a beautiful girl. She went down to the well and filled her pitcher, and came up.
The servant ran to meet her, and said to her, ìLet me drink a little water from your pitcher.î Rebekah told him to drink. She also told him she would draw water for his camels and let them drink until they have had enough water.
That was a lot of water to draw for the camel to drink. Each camel can drink many gallons of water. Rebekah was a hard worker with a good heart. She was the answer to the prayer the servant had prayed for.
When the camels had finished drinking Abraham’s servant took out a golden earring, two bracelets and ten shekels of gold for Rebekah. Then he asked who her father was and if there was room for him and his camels to lodge with them.
Rebekah had a brother, Laban, who ran out to the servant of Abraham and told him to come to their house. The servant introduced himself as being the servant of Abraham. He told Laban that Abraham was very blessed and had become great, and had many flocks, and herds, and silver, and gold, and men and women servants along with camels and donkeys.
Then the servant told Laban about Isaac, the son of Abraham, and how he had promised Abraham to find Isaac a wife not belonging to the Canaanites. Isaac was to have a wife from the house of Abraham’s father. He asked for the hand of Rebekah for Isaac to marry.
Laban told him to take Rebekah and let her be the wife of Isaac as the LORD had spoken. The servant of Abraham heard these words and worshipped the LORD bowing himself to the earth. He gave Rebekah gold, jewels and lovely clothes. He also gave her family valuable presents.
The next day Rebekah and her servant girl climbed up on the camels and the group traveled back to the home of Isaac and Abraham. Rebekah became the wife of Isaac and they were not lonely again.

What Can This Story Teach Us?

The LORD God has a plan for each of us. The LORD God wants to give us good things. He expects us to ask for them and trust Him to give us what we need.

We need to learn to pray that His will be done in our lives and not expect our will to always be met. When we learn to do what the LORD wants in His time, in His way and according to His Will then we can grow according to His plan for us. The LORD God knows what is best for us and He loves us so much.

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