The Story of Abraham:

The Story of Abraham is a great lesson to teach children that there is nothing that is too hard for the Lord to do. The promises of the LORD God are honest and true. 
Genesis 12 to Genesis 18

Abrahams journey people

The oldest son of Noah was Shem who had a descendant named Abram. Abram was a righteous man who married a beautify woman named Sarai. One day the Lord God told Abram to leave the house of his father and go a new land. He took his wife Sarai and also his nephew Lot and went to the land of Canaan.

Genesis 12:2 tells us that the LORD God told Abram He would make him a great nation, and bless him, and make his name great, and the LORD God would make him a blessing. The LORD told Abram to look up at the night sky and count the stars that one day Abram’s family would number more than those stars.

Abram did as the LORD God had said to do. When they got to the land of Canaan the LORD appeared to Abram again and said that this land He would give to Abram children. Abram was to build an altar to the LORD.

Abram did not know how the LORD was going to make his family more than the stars in the sky. Sarai was growing very old and they had no children. Abram was already 99 years old when the LORD told him he would be called the father of many nations. The LORD God changed Abram’s name to Abraham and his wife Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah.

One day three men from the LORD came to see Abraham and promised him that he and Sarah would soon have a son, even though he was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 years old. Abraham was told that Sarah would have a son and he would be called Isaac.

Sarah had overheard what the three men from the LORD and she laughed. She did not know how that was possible for her to have a baby at the age of 90 years old. The LORD heard Sarah laugh and ask her; “Is there anything too hard of for the LORD? Next year Sarah you will have a son.” Genesis 18:14

Isaac was born just as they had promised just one year later. Abraham was a good and righteous man and was obedient to the LORD God. Even though it was hard to believe Sarah did have a baby and they did name him Isaac.

Abraham loved the LORD God very much. He was a righteous man and did all that the LORD had told him to do. When Abraham was told he would be the father of many nations he believed Him. Abraham’s name means father of many. The LORD God made Abraham a promise that if he was faithful, he would be the father of many, even in his old age. Abraham believed Him and did as God told him.

The LORD God also told Sarah she was going to have a baby. She didn’t believe Him because she was too old to have a baby. The LORD God promised and sure enough one year later Sarah had a baby boy they called Isaac. There is nothing too hard for the LORD to do in our lives.

The LORD God also made a promise to you and I and that is if we believed in His Son, Jesus Christ, then we can have eternal life with Him.

What We Can Learn From This Story?

God also made us a promise that if we believed in His Son, we would have an eternal home in heaven with him. John 3:16 tells us that; “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” We cannot give that to ourselves but only through the promise of the LORD God. There is nothing that is too hard for the LORD to do.

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