Quails Fowl:

The Israelites were twice comforted in their hardship by a miraculous supply of quails. It was in the wilderness of Sin and again at Kibroth-hattaavah. The quail was used for the the appeasement of the Children of Israel. LORD heard the murmurings of the Children of Israel and manna fell from heaven and in the evening quail covered the camp.  And the Children of Israel took their journey from Elim ...[Read More]

Partridge Fowl:

Partridge was mentioned twice in the Bible. Once with David who compared himself to a flea and a harmless partridge. (1 Samuel 26:20). Jeremiah tell how the LORD searches the heart and compares it to the partridge that sits on eggs. (Jeremiah 17:11). David had been hunted by King Saul for ten years. David refused to raise his hand against King Saul who had hunted David as the fowler hunts the moun ...[Read More]


Oxen were brought as an offering before the LORD, six covered wagons, and twelve oxen; a wagon for two of the princes, and for each one an ox: and they brought them before the tabernacle. Cheese of oxen was given to David and his people to eat when they were hungry. The LORD God had Laws concerning the Oxen. Oxen used for labor. Oxen used symbolically. Oxen Used For Food Saul was told that the peo ...[Read More]


Goats were permitted to eat especially the young goats. Goat’s hair was used as an offering to the LORD. Goats were used as a sin offering. The references associated with the goat in the Bible can be both positive and negative. Goats in General Goats are clean animals and permitted to eat. (Deuteronomy 14:4). Goats were eaten less frequently than sheep because the meat of mature goats is less desi ...[Read More]


The Levitical Law tells us the clean fowls are: Chicken, Dove, Duck, Goose, Grouse, Guinea fowl, Partridge, Peafowl, Pheasant, Pigeon, Prairie chicken, Ptarmigan, Quail, Sage hen, Sparrow (and other songbirds), Teal, and Turkey.  The Levitical Law tells us the unclean fowls are: Birds of Prey, Scavengers the Albatross, Bittern, Buzzard, Condor, Coot, Cormorant, Crane, Crow, Cuckoo, Eagle, Flamingo ...[Read More]


Man was to rule over the fish of the sea. We are instructed not to make any image of fishes. There were instructions about eating fish. Fish Associated to Judgment and rewards. The LORD God arranged a fish to swallow Jonah. The LORD commanded the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land. Jesus took two fishes and fed about five thousand men, beside women and children. Jesus took a few litt ...[Read More]

Dove -Fowl:

A dove was used to see if the waters were subsided from off the face of the ground. The dove was declared a pure bird by the Law of Moses. The dove was used for a sin-offering. The priests were permitted to sale doves in the courts of the temple. The image of the dove was used for the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus at his baptism. Dove in general Dove and pigeon are used in Scripture and are used ...[Read More]


According to the LORD God the Israelites could eat deer because the deer chews the cud and divides the hoof. Deer are care for by the LORD God. The wild deer are fleet of foot and swift. Deer are used symbolically. Deer are Clean and Used for Food However, you may slaughter and eat flesh within all your gates, whatever your heart desires, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has ...[Read More]

Animals/Fowl Cattle/calf:

The fifth day the LORD God commanded the earth to bring creatures and the cattle was mentioned. Man would have dominion over them. Calves were used for a sacrifice sin offering. Cattle were used for food. Cattle/ Calf were also used symbolically. Cattle/ Calf in general The fifth day the LORD God commanded the earth to bring forth the creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast ...[Read More]