What is the baptism of Jesus Christ?

Lesson 17 Foundation – What is the baptism of Jesus Christ? – The wage of sin is death. When a person dies, the sins dies with him. Death brings a release from the power of sin. Because we have sin, we must die. Fortunately, Jesus Christ died a real death for a Christian’s sins already. Because of his sacrifice, a faithful Christian can never die a natural life death.

To enter into the spiritual life of a Christian, a person must die and be buried with Christ to receive redemption for his sins. The baptism of Christ puts a faithful believer to death. The exact time of the baptism, is the exact time of that person’s death. He is alive no more to the world. He is alive no more to the devil. He is alive no more to himself. He is dead. Symbolically, while a person is under the baptismal waters, he is in his grave. He has died, as Christ did, for sin.

Joanne Holstein is a Becker Bible Studies Teacher and Author of Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians. She is a graduate of Psychology/Christian and Bible Counseling with Liberty University. She is well-known as a counselor to Christian faithful who are struggling with tremendous burden in these difficult times. She is a leading authority on historical development of Christian churches and the practices and beliefs of world religions and cults.

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