Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians

Mount Ararat:

The book of Genesis identifies the mountains of Ararat as the resting place of Noah’s ark after the flood. A mountainous region of eastern Armenia, between the river Araxes and the lakes Van and Oroomiah, the site where Noah’s ark came to rest (Strong. 2001, #0780).   Mount Ararat is the highest mountain (known as “Agri” in Turkey) at 5137 meters. Mount Ararat consists of two volcanic peaks ...[Read More]

Mountains of Israel: Mount Abarim:

Mount Abarim: One of the mountains of spiritual realm mentioned in the Bible. It is a mountain or range of mountains on the east of the Jordan, in the land of Moab, opposite to Jericho. (Strong. 2001. #05682).  The LORD GOD told Moses to go up to Mount Abram, to the top of Pisgah one of the summits of Mount Nebo where Moses surveyed the Promised land. Moses was allowed to see the Promised Land, bu ...[Read More]

The Theology of Arminianism:

Introduction Arminianism is a school of Protestant Christian theology that holds the Christian doctrine that salvation was brought about by Jesus Christ. It was founded by Jacobus Arminius who was a Dutch theologian. Most mainstream Protestantism and Evangelicalism accept Arminianism because of the influence of John Wesley and can be found distinguished within the Methodist movement. Arminianism d ...[Read More]

What the Covenant of Circumcision Means to Christians:

Circumcision was part of the ceremonial law that the LORD God gave to the children of Israel. It was through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ that made atonement for our sins; this made the ceremonial law obsolete.  Genesis 17:10 – 27; Galatians 3:26-29 Genesis 17:10 is the first to speak about the Covenant of Circumcision.: “This is My covenant which you shall keep, between Me and ...[Read More]

Zipporah wife of Moses:

Zipporah was the daughter of a priest from Midian. She was an obedient daughter who went out daily to tend her father’s flock in spite of being bullied by other shepherd’s in the area. She was one of seven daughters. She was a faithful wife and mother of an outsider. She was supportive of her husband and willingly stepped aside so Moses could fulfill his calling from the LORD God.  Exodus 2:16-22: ...[Read More]

Vineyard Movement:

Introduction A charismatic movement also known as the Third Wave and the Signs and Wonders. The Vineyard Movement is a young movement that is ecumenical and international. It is an Armenian denomination gathering. The Vineyard Movement is an extremely active, charismatic organization which began in 1982. It is also known as the Third Wave, Signs and Wonders Movement, or Power Theology. The mother ...[Read More]

Charles Peter Wagner:

Introduction Charles Peter Wagner is considered a Christian theologian. Around 1980 he began the movement known as the Neocharismatic movement. He also created the expression the “Third Wave”, which referred to being baptized by the Holy Spirit. (Maseko. 2008).  Charles Peter Wagner introduced the concept that God has established the plan for the earth, and the apostles will execute th ...[Read More]

Azusa (Asusa) Street Revival Birth of the Pentecostal Movement:

Introduction At the turn of the twentieth century, California was a dream destination by many because it had become a major hub of society, education, adventure, and freedoms of all kind. Two events shook California in April of 1906 and forever changed its history. The first was recorded on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News the morning of April 18, 1906, which read “Weird Babel of Tongu ...[Read More]

Orthodox Presbyterian Church:

Introduction The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was created by the conservative Presbyterians who tried to preserve Calvinism within the Presbyterian structure and avoid the modernist theology. The leader of the conservative Presbyterian was J Gresham Machen who was one of the founders of the Westminster Theological Seminary. The name Presbyterian comes from the Greek word meaning elder. The Orthodo ...[Read More]

Orthodox Church in America: Romanian Orthodox Diocese Episcopate of America:

Introduction The Orthodox Church in America: Romanian Orthodox Diocese Episcopate of America is part of the Church of Romania. It is one of the ethnic dioceses of the Orthodox Church in America. The hierarch is Archbishop Nathaniel Popp of Detroit. It was established as a diocese at a general Church congress that was held in Detroit, Michigan April 25, 1929. They governed by the Church congress an ...[Read More]