Women of Christ

What it really means to be Submitting:

There are many conflicting messages regarding what it means of wives being submissive to their husbands. Ephesians 5:21-33 helps to clear up this misconception. Women are not door mats for their husband. Instead husbands and wives are one in spirit. Men are to love their wives as he loves himself. Wives are to respect and give admiration to her husband. Together they should give glory and honor to ...[Read More]

Abigail wife of Nabal:

Abigail was the wife of the wicked Nabal, who became a wife of David after the death of Nabal. Abigail was of good character even though her husband was a cheat. It was because of her good character that she averted bloodshed and a punishment from the LORD God upon David. This kind, organized, courageous and wise intelligent woman is an example to independent women of Christ in today’s world. 1 Sa ...[Read More]

Problems facing the Colossian Church We face Today:

It is our responsibility as women of Christ to be able to identify the pit falls in our generation. This is so we may help those put in our trust to make their struggles easier or maybe even to avoid the dangers all together. Comparing the Church at Colossae and Gnosticism in our society today will reveal there are similarities. This would indicate our churches are in the same kind of danger that ...[Read More]

Apphia Wife of Philemon:

Apphia is only mentioned in Philemon and is believed to be the wife of Philemon. She had a home church in Colossae and was known for hospitality. Just like today Apphia had to contend with false religions. Paul refers to her as being beloved and included her as a fellow laborer. She lived in troubling times in Colossae and faced the same type of influence that we are facing today. Philemon 1:2-6 A ...[Read More]

What is the Role of a Virtuous Woman?

Today our society has lost all perspective of the role of a virtuous woman. She has become the laughing stock of the more sophisticated, the worldlier woman. These worldly women claim they can get anything they want through their perversions. They create their men to become weak, pathetic, frail cowards who have lost their way. The role and importance of a virtuous woman has been lost in the perve ...[Read More]

What Women of Christ is all about

Women of Christ studies are written by a Christian for Christians. It is taken from a Christian prospective or point of view. It is also written from the prospective or point of view of a Woman of Christ who has lived her faith and has been faithful to the LORD God because of the relationship she has made with Him. There is no one who would ask or question about the relationship between a husband ...[Read More]

Introduction of Women of Christ

The Women of Christ section will examine the lessons learned from the women mentioned in the Bible. It will also attempt to address what it means to be a virtuous woman from the Biblical perspective. This section will also cover what it means to be a woman of Christ in this time; looking at challenges facing women today and addressing them from a Bible perspective. Covering subjects such as marria ...[Read More]