Historical Women

“In the Eyes of the LORD God”:

It can be said that “In the Eyes of the LORD God” is the example Florence Nightingale left us with to live in love for mankind, with peace of the LORD, and respecting your neighbors as yourself. Remembering we are the ones that are to give the praising and give Glory unto the LORD God when we follow His ways chosen for us by the LORD. We need to be faithful to the LORD. Jesus gives us an example o ...[Read More]

Florence Nightingale “The Lady of the Lamp”:

Florence Nightingale is one of my most favorite woman in history. She was the first woman nurse in Britain and served in the Crimean war. Florence changed the whole perception about women in the nursing profession. Her dedicated service to the wounded soldiers is why I admire her. It was not fashionable for women to be nurses at that time. She was a Christian women who taught the medical world how ...[Read More]

Fear and the Bondage of Sin:

Just thinking about the fear that must have been in the hearts of the fugitive slaves heading for the Underground Railroad must have been overwhelming. The goal of reaching freedom and safety outweighed the fear of being caught and taken back to being in bondage. We are in bondage as well, that is the bondage of sin.  We cannot free ourselves because we would not even be aware of being in bondage ...[Read More]

Harriet Tubman Unsung Hero from the Civil War:

Harriet Tubman was an unsung hero from the Civil War.  She was a woman who successfully aided many slaves to escape before and during the Civil War. Harriet Tubman was a “conductor” of the Underground Railroad. There is many things that can be said about the character of Harriet Tubman that holds her in high esteem. I respect her dedication to her cause and her commitment to what she believed. The ...[Read More]