Guided Bible Studies

What is a sin?

Lesson 2 Foundation – What is a sin? – Sin is the disobedience to the LORD God’s Laws and is unrighteous, unjust, immoral and wrong.¬† The five types of sin, transgression, unrighteousness, omission of known duty, faithlessness, and foolish acts constitute a sin against the LORD God. This chapter encourages you to have faith that the LORD God has convicted you of your sins, and di ...[Read More]

What is the foundation of Jesus Christ?

Lesson 1 Foundation – What is the foundation of Jesus Christ – A foundation is prepared base on which structure rests. It is the beginnings or first principals of a system of truth. A person who comes to the Lord Jesus Christ, and hears and does what he says, builds a foundation on a rock. When trouble comes, that person’s life cannot be shaken. The person who lays his foundation ...[Read More]

The Foundation of Jesus Christ

The Foundation of Jesus Christ – The first of a series of Becker Bible Studies establishing a solid foundation of Jesus Christ in the new Christian’s spiritual and natural life. This study lays that solid foundation of Jesus Christ in a Christian, using the six principles of the doctrine of Christ as written in Hebrews 6:1-3 in the Word of God.

Introduction for Guided Bible Studies

Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians provides Biblical information and Bible Studies that are guided and faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. Guided Bible Studies is a popular King James Bible studies and study worksheets that challenge born again Christian students to focus on scripture study rather than doctrine memorization, to enrich, renew and enlighten the Christian followers of Jesus Ch ...[Read More]