Churches Beginning with C

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church:

Introduction The Cumberland Presbyterian Church developed out of the great revival of 1800. They stress evangelism, reject predestination and avoid centralized authority in the church government. They revised the Confession of Faith and included interpretations of predestination that they found acceptable. There were a majority of the Cumberland Presbyterian that revisited the interpretations of p ...[Read More]

Coptic Orthodox Church:

Introduction The Coptic Orthodox Church considers itself to be a worship-loving church. They describe their worship as limitless rich in theology and rites, and believe they reach deep into the soul and shake the hearts and the emotions of their members making them a credit towards the Kingdom of God. The worship in the Coptic Orthodox Church represents a living part of the ecclesiastical life whi ...[Read More]

Conservative Mennonite Conference:

Introduction The Conservative Mennonite Conference is a Christian fellowship body of evangelical Mennonite churches in North America. They live to glorify God. They equip leaders and congregations for worship, fellowship, teaching, and service. They structure churches with an evangelical, Anabaptist and conservative theology. The Conservative Mennonite Conference was known as the Conservative Amis ...[Read More]

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference:

Introduction The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference is an evangelical denomination with conservative theology. The denomination includes member churches that are independent Community Churches, Congregational Churches, Christian Churches, Reformed Churches and Evangelical Churches. The member ministers of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference come from different backgr ...[Read More]

Conservative Baptist Association of America:

Introduction The Conservative Baptist Association of America is a fellowship with a common covenant of Regional Baptist Church Associations. It is a network of churches and their ministries. Their Association is a voluntary fellowship of independent and Bible believing Baptist churches that work together to extend the Baptist testimony. The Conservative Baptist Association of America is committed ...[Read More]

Congregational Christian Churches:

Introduction Congregational Christian Churches are considered Protestant Churches who practice their religion with the Congregationalist influence. Each congregation is independent and controls its own affairs. They are financed by the contributions of members. Congregational Christian Churches merged with the Evangelical and Reformed Church and formed the United Church of Christ. Congregational C ...[Read More]

Churches of Christ:

Introduction The Churches of Christ is considered a conservative denomination. It was founded by Alexander Campbell whose hope it was to achieve unity among the followers of God. Since then, the Churches of Christ have become exclusive because of their belief that all other denominations are incorrect in their teachings. They hold to the belief “speak where the Bible speaks and to be silent where ...[Read More]

Church of the United Brethren in Christ:

Introduction The Church of the United Brethren in Christ is an evangelical Christian Protestant denomination which follows the Episcopal structure and the Arminian theology. It is the first American denomination that began in the United States that was not uprooted from Europe. It is a member of the National Council of Churches. It is a conservative body of Christians whose members believe in the ...[Read More]

Church of the Nazarene:

Introduction The Church of the Nazarene is a Protestant denomination with the tradition of Methodism and part of the Holiness bodies. The theological and the doctrinal foundation are in the preaching of the doctrines of the holiness and sanctification which was taught by John Wesley. The Church of the Nazarene is a member of the World Methodist Council. The government of the Church of the Nazarene ...[Read More]

The Church of the Lutheran Confession:

Introduction  The Church of the Lutheran Confession is a conservative Christian denomination. This church was founded in 1960 in Minnesota and theologically holds fast to the Confessional Lutheran Doctrine as taught by Martin Luther. They faithfully follow Lutheran Confessions as it was found in the Book of Concord 1580. This is why their name was selected. The Church of the Lutheran Confession be ...[Read More]