Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians

What Women of Christ is all about

Women of Christ studies are written by a Christian for Christians. It is taken from a Christian prospective or point of view. It is also written from the prospective or point of view of a Woman of Christ who has lived her faith and has been faithful to the LORD God because of the relationship she has made with Him. There is no one who would ask or question about the relationship between a husband ...[Read More]

Adam and Eve:

Adam and Eve is a beautiful story about the Love God has for His people. Children should understand that God established marriage for His people so they would not be lonely. The story of Adam and Eve also teaches children we were given the responsibility to care for God’s creation. Genesis 2: 1-25 There were great animals in the seas and lakes. They were exciting to watch splashing in the water an ...[Read More]

Introduction of Women of Christ

The Women of Christ section will examine the lessons learned from the women mentioned in the Bible. It will also attempt to address what it means to be a virtuous woman from the Biblical perspective. This section will also cover what it means to be a woman of Christ in this time; looking at challenges facing women today and addressing them from a Bible perspective. Covering subjects such as marria ...[Read More]