Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians

Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Church:

Introduction The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Church is more commonly known as The Metropolitan Community Church. It is an international fellowship of Christian Congregations which is regarded as being a liberal mainline denomination. The specific outreach of the church is to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and the transgender communities. The community church is on Official Observer ...[Read More]

Missionary Church:

Introduction The Missionary Church is an evangelical denomination committed to church planting and world mission. Their focus is on the fulfillment of the Great Commission. They are committed to preaching only that which is written in the Bible and to evangelize it to the world. Their theological movement is dedicated to aggressive outreach. Their method of communication for the outreach of every ...[Read More]

American Diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church:

Introduction The American Diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is an ancient church of India. It is claimed that the church can be traced back to St. Thomas, who was one of the Disciples of Jesus Christ, who established Christianity in the south western part of India. It is also known as the Indian Orthodox church. It was established as a diocese in 1978 and honors the mother church, the Ma ...[Read More]

Macedonian Orthodox Church: American Diocese:

Introduction The Macedonian Orthodox Church: American Diocese believes the Lord has established this church which they identify as one Body of the one Christ. It is part of the Eucharistic community. The Macedonian Orthodox Church: American Diocese is an Eastern Orthodox Church in the Republic of Macedonia and is considered to be governed by its own elected Bishop. Its autocephalous (being indepen ...[Read More]

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:

Introduction The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is the second largest of the Lutheran church bodies in the United States. It is a conservative and confessional Lutheran Christian denomination. They have their immigrant’s roots in Germany. They are many different elements in their worship service, yet the congregations hold to the Lutheran Confession and the Holy Scripture. This new church strongly ...[Read More]

The Church of the Lutheran Confession:

Introduction The Church of the Lutheran Confession is a conservative Christian denomination. This church was founded in 1960 in Minnesota and theologically holds fast to the Confessional Lutheran Doctrine as taught by Martin Luther. They faithfully follow Lutheran Confessions as it was found in the Book of Concord 1580. This is why their name was selected. The Church of the Lutheran Confession bel ...[Read More]

Landmark Baptist Church:

Introduction The Landmark Baptist Church holds the idea of Landmarkism. Landmarkism is not really a denomination, but rather a position that is held by the nature and practices of the church. They trace their origin to the days of Jesus Christ. Their name Landmark Baptist came out of a controversy within the Southern Baptist Convention in 1800. Their leaders were James Madison Pendleton, James Rob ...[Read More]

Independent Fundamental Churches of America:

Introduction  The Fundamental Churches of America are also known as IFCA International. It is an association of independent Protestant churches. The Fundamental Churches of America replaced the American Conference of Undenominational Churches in June 1930. The Fundamental Churches of America holds on to the traditional, fundamental doctrines of Christianity and rejects the theological modernism. F ...[Read More]

Independent Free Will Baptists Associations:

Introduction The Independent Free Will Baptists Associations are a group of churches that all share a common history, a common name and the belief of the Arminian theology of general atonement which includes free grace and free salvation. They are a fellowship of Evangelical believers who have united to be the witness of Christ and the building of His church around the world. They share similar vi ...[Read More]

International Council of Community Churches:

Introduction The International Council of Community Churches is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination. It has its origin from the Community Church Movement and is a member of the Churches Uniting in Christ, the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA and in the World Council of Churches. They came from a nine member group of churches who on January 20, 2002 became known as Churche ...[Read More]