Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians

Azusa (Asusa) Street Revival Birth of the Pentecostal Movement:

Introduction At the turn of the twentieth century, California was a dream destination by many because it had become a major hub of society, education, adventure, and freedoms of all kind. Two events shook California in April of 1906 and forever changed its history. The first was recorded on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News the morning of April 18, 1906, which read “Weird Babel of Tongu ...[Read More]

Orthodox Presbyterian Church:

Introduction The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was created by the conservative Presbyterians who tried to preserve Calvinism within the Presbyterian structure and avoid the modernist theology. The leader of the conservative Presbyterian was J Gresham Machen who was one of the founders of the Westminster Theological Seminary. The name Presbyterian comes from the Greek word meaning elder. The Orthodo ...[Read More]

Orthodox Church in America: Romanian Orthodox Diocese Episcopate of America:

Introduction The Orthodox Church in America: Romanian Orthodox Diocese Episcopate of America is part of the Church of Romania. It is one of the ethnic dioceses of the Orthodox Church in America. The hierarch is Archbishop Nathaniel Popp of Detroit. It was established as a diocese at a general Church congress that was held in Detroit, Michigan April 25, 1929. They governed by the Church congress an ...[Read More]

Original Free Will Baptist Church:

Introduction The Original Free Will Baptists are a group of churches in North Carolina who have split from the National Association of Free Will Baptists in 1961 and formed the Original Free Will Baptists Convention. They hold a different form of government than those from the Midwest and Northern Free Will Baptist by embracing a congregational form in their government. Their church can be traced ...[Read More]

Open Bible Standard Churches:

Introduction The Open Bible Standard Churches are an association of Pentecostal Protestant churches. Their doctrine is like the Assemblies of God; they believe in the gifts of the Spirit and speaking in tongues. They believe speaking in tongues is the proof of the gifts of the Spirit being manifested in the believer. The Open Bible Standard Churches is affiliated with the National Association of E ...[Read More]

Old Order River Brethren:

Introduction The Old Order River Brethren is a small Christian denomination that has its origin in the Mennonite Church and the German Pietism. They are commonly called The River Brethren. This denomination began in 1778 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and shares its early history with the Brethren in Christ Church. They started during a revival movement among the German immigrants in Pennsylvan ...[Read More]

Old Regular Baptist Churches:

Introduction The Old Regular Baptist Churches are a created and joined together from the central part of Appalachia, which extends from southwestern Pennsylvania through West Virginia parts of Kentucky and Tennessee to northwestern Georgia and includes the southern Appalachian Mountains. The principles of the church developed during the 19th century. The first association began in 1825 in differen ...[Read More]

Old Missionary Baptists Associations:

Introduction The Old Missionary Baptist Associations are considered Primitivistic (the belief that less technologically dependent cultures and ways of living are inherently better than more technologically dependent ones) sects of the Baptist church. They are known by different names such as Old Time Missionary Baptist and the Old Fashioned Missionary Baptist and are within the Landmark Missionary ...[Read More]

New Jerusalem Church (Swedenborgian or Swedenborgianism):

Introduction The New Jerusalem Church, also called Swedenborgian or Swedenborgianism, is based on the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The New Jerusalem Church is a community of people, called Swedenborgians, who consider the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg as being a gift from God and a source to a happy life here on earth and the hereafter in Heaven. The New Jerusalem Church embraces ...[Read More]

Netherlands Reformed Congregations:

Introduction The Netherlands Reformed Congregations is also referred to as the Dutch Reformed Church. It is a Protestant Christian denomination that is based on the teachings of John Calvin. They are a conservative denomination that originated in the Netherlands in 1830. A small group in the Netherlands broke away from their state church and immigrated to South Holland, Illinois in 1865. They then ...[Read More]