Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians

The Parable of the Hidden Treasure:

This is another of the Parables of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven being like a treasure hidden in a field. Much can be learned in hearing the parables of Jesus. Matthew 13:44 Jesus tells about the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hid in a field. A treasure is always fun to think about because it can be anything of value that you think is valuable. Is it gold, silver, money? Or something lik ...[Read More]

The Parable of Leaven:

The Parable of Leaven is another parable told by Jesus about what the kingdom of heaven is like. Matthew 13:33-34; Luke 13:20-21 The Parable of Leaven is another parable that Jesus tells about the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. Before we can understand the parable we need to understan ...[Read More]

Jesus Taught in Parables:

Jesus taught in parables in his preaching and teaching because some of the things He taught were only for the ears of the disciples. We are also disciples of Jesus. Disciples are learners and pupil of Jesus Christ. The mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to us because we have eyes to see, hears to hear and by studying His words we have understand in our hearts. Matthew 13: 10-17; Mark 4:11- ...[Read More]

Jesus Teaches Bullying Others is Not Being Cool:

Bullying is not something new just happening in our time. We can learn a lot from the Bible about bullying. Jesus tells us in everything we should do to others what we would have them do unto us. Matthew 7:12 Today we are seeing more and more children being bullied in all levels of school. Bullies try to threaten, intimidate, and control people who are weaker than they are. This can be in the form ...[Read More]

Jesus teaches us not to worry:

This lesson helps children to understand not to worry. Jesus is in control of everything. We are not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself. Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus told His disciples not to worry about their life, what they should eat, or what they should drink, what they should wear. Because life is more than what you eat and drink and the things you wear. If you look at ...[Read More]

The Lord’s Prayer:

Learning how to pray is an important part of growth of all of the People of the LORD God. It is important to have daily talks with our Heavenly Father in the form of prayer. Children need to be taught how to pray just like the disciples needed to be taught. Matthew 6:9-13 Everyone needs to know how to pray. Jesus taught His disciples how to pray and gave us an example of the right way to pray. Jes ...[Read More]

Dedication in prayer:

There are many different kinds of prayers. Hannah prayed a prayer of intercession asking for a child. Then she prayed a prayer of adoration after she had given birth to Samuel. Here is what the Bible says about prayer. Hannah is such a fantastic example of being dedicated to prayer. Hannah grieved because she was barren. Since her husband, Elkanah had other children with Peninnah so that would mea ...[Read More]

What the Bible Says About Prayer:

Intercessions, supplication; by implication, a hymn: prayer. (#08605 Strong 2001) To judge (officially or mentally); by extension, to intercede, pray: (#08605 intercessions Strong 2001) Properly, a wish, expressed as a petition to God, or in votive obligation (#2171 Strong 2001) To wish; by implication, to pray to God (#2172 Strong 2001) TYPES OF PRAYERS TO THE LORD GOD Fellowship with God: Confes ...[Read More]

Hannah, the Mother of Israel’s Last Judge Samuel

The attributes we find in Hannah is persistence in prayer, endurance, dedication to the LORD and unselfishness dedication to her principles like taking a coat to her son yearly. 1 Samuel 1:1- 28; 1 Samuel 2:1-21 Hannah, who means “grace”, is introduced to us in 1 Samuel 1. She was married to Elkanah of mount Ephraim who had two wives. His wives were Peninnah who had children and Hannah who had no ...[Read More]

Courage in Times of Trouble:

  Hagar is a strong illustration of how unfair, difficult and exclusive life can be for woman in today’s world. Hagar somehow maintained her faith in the LORD and her obedience to Him for her survival. Even in the darkest loneliest time of her life in the desert there was hope in the LORD to save her and her son from death. Hagar is an example of women who are excluded or even despised by the peop ...[Read More]